How to identify the original Panchhi Petha

How to Identify the Original Panchhi Petha?

When you are in Agra, petha is one of the favourite things that you will come across. Nobody comes back without petha when visiting Agra. Since petha is one of the Indian sweets that are quite delicious and best. Therefore, Agra is the home to pethas, and several stores and manufacturers sell them. And one of the renowned names that sell original petha is the Panchhi Petha. We sell a wide range of authentic panchhi petha.

However there are several stores, but some stores and shops still sell unauthentic panchhi petha. They sell in the name of panchhi petha. And here is where things become challenging for the petha lovers. Those seeking to buy the original panchhi petha need to look out for how to identify the original panchhi petha. Let’s learn more about it!

Ways to Identify the Panchhi Petha

Go to the Right Store

There are several panchhi petha outlets in Agra. You need to go to the original Panchhi petha store and shop from there. You will find the logo and original varieties from their website available on the store. And in unauthentic shops, you will not find the original panchhi petha varieties. You can check the website and see the different stores and their addresses. 

It's important to focus on quality

The quality of the Panchhi petha is the next item that demonstrates that it is a real product. Panchhi pethas, like other types of pethas, are not made sweet by dipping them in sugar water before serving. When it has been prepared, the petha has a pleasant taste to it. You may give it a try right there in the shop, which makes it much easier to determine the genuineness of the petha and establish whether or not it comes from Panchhi.

Check Packaging

The creators of Panchhi Petha have built a reputable brand with its distinctive logo and packaging. When you are purchasing it from the shop, the packaging that it came in may be used. In light of the fact that the manufacturers go to great lengths to ensure that their goods come in aesthetically pleasing packaging, you should make it a point to inspect the packaging and examine the company logo.

Smell of Petha

The smell will also help you find the authenticity of the petha, whether it is from panchhi petha or not. The scent of petha decides its freshness and originality. Talking about panchhi petha, you will find a fresh smell of cardamom and kesar since the manufacturers use high-quality red gold kesar, which has yet to be used by several other petha sellers. So, no matter when you buy the panchhi petha from the smell, you can know its authenticity. 

Order Online Today!

You may go to their website in order to get authentic panchhi petha if it is something that interests you. The website provides everything that you could possibly desire. Petha, gazaks, and namkeen are the categories in which you will discover the greatest variety of available selections. If you go to the website for the product, you will get a list of all the available goods. You may place your order at any time immediately on the internet, and it will be sent to your location. Thus, you shouldn't hold out if you want the finest!

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