What is the History of Panchhi Petha?

What is the History of Panchhi Petha?

Panchhi Petha, the famous worldwide petha, serves several pethas and other varieties in Agra and worldwide markets. With several outlets, panchhi petha has gained much popularity and won the hearts of petha lovers. People who visit Agra enjoy panchhi petha and order them online through their website. Such a renowned petha store has been serving since 1926. It took many years of hard work, experience and expertise to bring the panchhi petha to a decent place. And in this blog, we will take a dig at the history of panchhi petha and its origination in detail. Let's get into everything about panchhi petha one by one!

History of the Founder of Panchhi Petha

Mr. Shri Pancham Lal Goyal Ji, son of a reputed zamindar, migrated from Sunehri Gaon and shifted to Agra. This was because his mother had lost several kids leading to their deaths. So when he was born the scholar told his parents to leave home or he should leave the place for his safety. He left the area and shifted to Agra. He realized he could not sit like this and needed to earn money there. He got started with the business of selling the pethas on a small scale, and the company was named Panchhi Petha.

Origin and History of Panchhi Petha

He started his business with Panchi Lal petha in 1926 and came up with four varieties of petha. Several people liked the sweet concept; traditionally, it was prepared, which finally made it famous in Agra. In this way, the Panchhi Petha came into the limelight and made their name worldwide. From 1926 Pancham Goyal Ji and then his sons continued with the legacy of this renowned petha store. 

How Panchhi Petha Came Made Its Name Worldwide?

The son of the late Mr. Shri Pancham Lalji's son and later Shubash Chandra Goyal Ji who carried out the legacy of the Panchii petha and opened several outlets within the city after they increased the variety. After that, his son, Mr. Amit Goyal Ji, turned the business to the next level by introducing several types along with the petha. You will find several things on the website, from namkeen, petha cakes, and Gazak. When Pancham Lal Ji made the petha come in the sweet category earlier, it was not counted as sweet. 

Shubash Chandra Goyal Ji

Working Behind Panchhi Petha

Whether it is Pancham Lal Ji or his sons and grandson, it took years of work, experience, self-assurance of their convictions and the ambition to alter the industry's production and distribution landscape of Panchhi Petha. Amit Goyal Ji laid the groundwork, shaped it over time to bring it online via the website, and originated the brand that revolutionized the idea of traditional retailing. He was the one who found all the varieties of petha and other things available on the website today in new form and popular among the people.

Amit Goyal Ji

Disclaimer on the History of Panchhi Petha

Since several things worked together in the history of Panchhi Petha to make the Pancham Petha the Panchhi Petha of Agra. The petha that everyone in today's date recognizes. Hardly is there anyone who does not buy Panchhi petha when visiting Agra. You will find ample petha from chocolate, flavoured and coloured, to namkeens, gazaks, bhujiya and more. Go through the website, and explore the product range. You will feel astonished by the reputation of Panchhi Pethas. So, don't wait to buy it today!

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